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  1. Thanks, I hadn't seen it. Gave it a read and actually feel better. My other young collies had heavier coats, Ceile is smooth coated. It's possible they were just as scary skinny and I just couldn't see it.
  2. She's only just coming 11 months. She was wormed the day I picked her up at 10 weeks old. She had a belly full so I wormed her a second time after the right amount of days had passed. She was spending a lot of time at my mom's sampling chicken, duck and horse droppings but she was also having a terrible time with her food. I changed food, which helped but didn't clear it up. Because of all the dung she was tasting, I wormed her again when she started to drop weight rapidly and became almost skeletal. I fed her three times a day but had to measure it exact or she would end up just spraying the lawn with liquid. Soft and squishy she could hold on to, the other just ran out of her whether she was trying to go or not. I changed feed again and it got a little firmer, but I had to cut the kibble back. I started trying to add meat by itself. Small bites were okay, more than a treat though and we had a problem (but always gassy, that never changed). That's when i took her to the vet and got the panacur. Everything firmed up after that and most of the flatulence cleared up, but I still can't give her any extra meat. I can see her ribs. She plays hard and her coat is in good shape so it seems like she's doing okay nutritionally, it's just a matter of getting a bit more into her. She's a tiny little thing, 27lbs, but the max I can give her in dog food without upsetting her system is 4 cups a day. It's a good food too. She is eating twice as much as what my last adult collie ate and we are just barely maintaining. After the weekend when she plays with my parents Vizsla for hours, she always drops a little, thankfully we don't have many play times like that Monday to Thursday so her body has a chance to try and catch up. I thought, because of the worms and the panacur, that probiotics would help. They helped a little with the gas but she still gets the runs if I increase the feed. I still want to try a "better" probiotic just in case it just wasn't right or enough for her. I honestly expected the apple to soften things up but it had little to no effect that way, and it didn't give her gas. I count this as a good sign. I could change food again but I hate to do that so soon, especially when she's finally solid. And it's so hard to find a good food that isn't laden with legumes, potatoes and the like.
  3. Thanks, that's kind of what I was thinking, just giving the kibble and the probiotics for awhile and hoping she didn't turn into a complete bone rack. I did slip her a few bites of apple the last day or two and so far so good, so you might be right, allergic to almost everything. That would be my luck, I don't think I've ever had just a normal dog.
  4. Thank you, I went and looked that up and I think I'll give that a try.
  5. I did this for my pom, basically he ate what I ate so I knew exactly what he was getting. He also only ate a 1/4 cup of pretty much anything so cooking for him was easy, lol. I would love to do this for Ceile but every time I give her a taste from my plate the kids start opening the doors and windows!
  6. I don't know about her parents. Her Mom was imported from Ireland and Dad is still there. I never asked the breeder because of the litters I've know in the past. My pom's mom has a moderately sensitive tummy and his sister gets diarrhea from everything and yet he has literally eaten tinfoil (and so much more) with no ill effect. There is another type of probiotic that I can pick up. It's supposed to have a higher efficacy than others (or so the claim goes). I'll go check it out and see if it's worth the cost. Something else I wondered: If she has a sensitivity to one of the ingredients in her food, but not an actual allergy, then that might keep her belly in a state of potential turmoil without it showing up in other symptoms couldn't it? Bah! I hate to change her food again, it took so long to find a good one.
  7. Yes. Lol, not much more to say. I gave the probiotics for awhile. I was considering trying again. About the only food that hasn't had a negative effect is pumpkin which was good because that is what we needed to keep things under control for a bit. I can give her freeze dried chicken in small amounts but that gets expensive really fast. She gets a little gassy with it but not to the extent the fresh chicken did. That's part of what is so frustrating. She has chicken, salmon and lamb and rice in her dog kibble. One would think that if she could have it in her kibble, it shouldn't create an issue giving a little bit fresh. I have given her tiny bits of carrot and other veggies and as long as it is only a very small amount and not every day, she's tolerable, just a little gassy. As soon as I try to make it a routine, everything gets ugly. I have always given my dogs people food with their kibble and tried to start her at 10 weeks but here we are at 11 months. At least she can have the kibble now without any issues so that's something. Maybe I should just be thankful and stop trying.
  8. Ever since I brought Ceile home she's had tummy issues, as in you give her anything other than her dog food and she turns into a heinous gas bomber and potential poo cannon. We have wormed her a couple of times and when we couldn't get the diarrhea under control for a short time took her to the vet. He said it sounded like she had strongid resistant worms and possibly giardia and put her on panacur. That pretty much cleared up things up except... She is so stinking skinny and I have a time keeping weight on her. Three kibbles more than her measured amount produces squishy to liquid stool. I gave her a bit of ground beef hoping it would help but she started getting gas and loose stools again. I thought maybe an allergy so I switched to ground chicken. I gave it to Ceile only one time and when I got home from work my daughter said, "I threw up." I asked her why and she said that Ceile's poo smelled so bad that she threw up three times between picking it up and the walk to the dumpster. Later that evening I understood what she meant. She's not sick or lethargic, she's in good shape other than collie puppy thin. I just wish I could stop the horrendous reaction to anything not kibble. It would be nice to enhance her diet a little.
  9. My first thought is there anything that would make him anxious but you said nothing has changed in how you do things. So how about: is there anything different with you? New stress? New smells? (Like a new job might have?) Two of my dogs got hyper protective of me when I was going through some stress at work. One of my dogs would get all worked up when i was playing a certain video game. It wasn't even a violent one but I guess I was giving off stress vibes because when I would purposely take deeper longer breaths during certain sequences she calmed down. I don't know, just a thought.
  10. The only toys I leave my dogs alone with are nylabones and Kongs. Ceile likes the skinny tubular Kong that comes with the rope in it, but without the rope. I'm a little afraid to leave them with anything else after one of my dogs ate a piece out of something that was supposed to be safe and cost me a fortune in vet bills for surgery to save her life.
  11. Ceile has discovered the joy of my six fo ot long beanbag. BeanbagCeileFeb2020.mp4
  12. Building height is a gradual thing with some dogs. Just keep throwing the Frisbee a tiny bit higher than he is comfortable reaching. If he loves the game enough he will begin to stretch more and more to get it. Also, teaching him the trick "beg" where he has to sit up on his haunches will strengthen his hind quarters; more strength, more likely to jump. I also teach all my dogs to catch a ball close up. When they catch it, I praise them like there's no tomorrow. The extreme praise makes them want to try harder and so I make it more challenging and toss the ball higher. They WILL try and jump to get it, but again do it in small increments to build his confidence. After every successful catch, low or high, play a bit of a game with him so there is a fun payoff. I would avoid using treats as a reward or he may only want to look for the food which will slow down or maybe even ruin everything you are trying to accomplish. Edited to say: Have patience with him and take your time, from what I see he is still quite young.
  13. Put her on a leash so she can't get away from you. If you have to (and can) move a couple of rooms away to begin with and gradually move closer. Also you could teach her "that's enough". I use this command for ending games or generally telling my dog to stop what she's doing. I start teaching it with something I can control like tug-o-war. Play a vigorous fun game and then say, "that's enough" give some pets and scratches and happy praise and put the tug toy where the dog can't reach it. Use the opportunities life gives you as well. For example: Ceile liked to hold onto her leash while we walked. Sometimes I let her, sometimes I said "that's enough" and tugged it gently out of her mouth followed instantly with "Good dog! Good that's enough!". The words and the action of stopping then become something I can praise. The dog stops whatever I used the command for and is instantly told what a good dog she is. This eliminates any negative to having her fun taken away and replaces it with an opportunity to reinforce our positive and proper pack relationship.
  14. Give her something else to focus on while the dishes are clinking. So while one person is doing the dishes (or just making dish noises) you have her working on her obedience commands. Don't introduce new ones, just work on ones she already knows. Make it a game and reward her with a tug-o-war when she does the command quickly. Once she takes her commands well during the noises, just put her in a down while you do the dishes. You can talk to her and make happy eye contact and she should begin to equate dish time as a relax time.
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