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  1. This guy is my BC hero!! I can't say that I thought that the cattle kicked all that much, and I'm pretty sure that wasn't their first time being worked with dogs.
  2. I looked at the freetoberanch website and didn't find any dates for 2010 so I will have to contact them and see when and if they are still having clinics. I know this goes against what ya'll believe but I have also just started letting my dog work without a professional trainer. I was interested in eventually trying trials but my dog is not register and I don't believe I will have him neutered. I think that since he will not be used in competition as long as I can control him, professional training will not be a giant benefit to me. I would still enjoy clinics however. And thank you for your advice and suggestions.
  3. Well that turned out to be a huge bust. I was really excited about going to the clinic, and then 2 days before I found out I wasn't ever register to go. So it was a bum deal but I'm sure I'll find something else. Thanks for your help though. If anybody knows of any clinics in New Mexico I would like to try and find another one.
  4. Thank you so much for your response it was the advice I was looking for! I have my dog (Emerson) around cows and he does very well. I got him when he was 8 weeks old and even then when he would try to work our livestock and I've always been able to call him off. I will for sure keep you updated on our progress and thank you again for your advice.
  5. I have had dogs all my life, and used them on my families farm/ranch, however I have never had a working border collie. I now have a bc who is almost a year old and I have had him since he was 8 wks old. I have been able to teach him whats acceptable to work and whats not, and he responds very well. I would like very much for us to learn how to work cows, he has shown what I believe is a very high natural instinct to work. It has been very easy for me to teach him the very basics such as coming off when I call him, and approaching cattle when I tell him. I can also send him in a general direction but not at a specific target. He completely loves working and I don't want to spoil that for him. Since he is only a year I'm afraid that too much "correcting" on my part will discourage him. At this point I am completely lost however because I have always felt more comfortable training my own animals, but since I realize his great potential I don't want to waste any of his talent. We will be going to a clinic soon and will be spending time with a professional trainer. My question now is, what is the next step that we need to work on? What specifics should I ask, and what should information can I offer to the trainer to help our experience?
  6. I would keep her on a leash for sure while she is learning to be around horses to begin with. For the safety of the horses as she might feel the instinct to bite and for her safety as some horses will attack dogs. Are you showing a huge reaction when she barks? If you become flustered, nervous, or scared your dog will pick up on that and think there is a reason to be scared. I've had horses and dogs all my life and what I have learned is bring them to the point that they feel the need to react but you need to stay calm and reassure your dog. When your dog becomes comfortable at this distance try getting closer. Also be sure that the horse that you are using for your training is used to dogs and isn't going to mind a barking dog. I hope this helps!
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