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  1. Thanks for the explanation Amy, that does sound like a different job is indeed the way to go. It happened to me once, giving up on a dog after about the same time period, and also raised from pup. My current youngster-in-training I bought when he was 8 months old, making it possible to start training and evaluating him right away. The breeder would have taken him back hadn't I liked him. It has the advantage of when you don't like the dog's work you let him go after a couple of weeks, months tops, rather then a couple of years. In my opinion this outweighs the slightly higher pricetag, and missing the puppy period. I like that dog fine by the way, no doubt he'll make a good working dog. As for trials, we'll see what the future will bring, but I think the potential is there. Not the highest priority though it sure would be fun. Anyway, good luck with rehoming Davy!
  2. Just out of curiosity, what is it he lacks in trialing ability? My main working dog is not fit for trials, but she is fine for farm and range work. I was wondering if that could go for your dog too, as you have obviously trained him for stockwork. It could mean not excluding someone looking for a workdog. ( Maybe it is a daft idea, I get the impression that people working their dogs, but not interested in trialling might be relatively rare in the US)
  3. Smalahundur


    Well, I looked at it, and I did not find anything I didn't know already. I know how these methods work. Did you assume I must be ignorant of these training methods because I don't buy unconditionally into them?
  4. Smalahundur


    This. Not every behavior modification responds well to the "positive only" approach. Some even " not at all". If the behavior is so self rewarding that there is no other reward that can top it then you have a real problem on your hands if you are not prepared to correct said behavior. Even Karen Prior herself admits readily she could not, using her positive only methods keep her terriers from hunting local wildlife ( fun fact, she uses an invisible fence to manage that. Automated corrections, and in this case pretty painful ones are apparently a-okay in her book...).
  5. Smalahundur


    Very cool looking pup, striking eyes! My Peli's ears were first both floppy, then one up, one rather floppy until finally settling for both up somewhere between 6 to 10 months. I think it is rather unpredictable at this stage, but if I had to bet I'd bet I'd say he will end up with something symmetrical. Either way, cute pup.
  6. Smalahundur

    Collie Breeding

    That was a highly entertaining response. I especially enjoyed the part "So I choose not to. If you, and a few other select members, would like to depart from the forum, and others with an openness to others, and an enquiring and less bigoted mind would like to engage, I'd be happy". Pray tell, who are the other "select members" you propose should depart from the forum so you can be happy, and free to share your wisdom? I hope I'll be in good company
  7. Smalahundur

    Collie Breeding

    Well you may not like my response, but it was genuine. I am interested in you as a breeder and your dogs. You claim to breed working dogs, in my, and about everybody's opinion here this is impossible without training and working your dogs on a level signifacantly beyond "average" in the stockwork field. Your silence about these aspects of your breeding program in your very wordy responses makes me suspect you're just another breeder of barbie collies catering to the market of people worrying whether their dog matches the sofa. Now, again, if you are really breeding for work, please elaborate, not to justify yourself ( believe me, nobody cares), but because we are interested in working dogs here.
  8. Smalahundur

    Recently started herding lessons

    Yeah, but aren't you also a person that has no problems with different whistle sets on multple dogs ( I am also in the novice and beyond group, hiding under my wife's account ). Up til now I never dared to try it, don't think I could manage, and have genuine admiration for those who can. I mean for us lesser mortal devoid of such superpowers of multitasking, it can be a struggle just keeping our hægri from vinstri. I am also one that has to keep a strong sense of clockwise and counterclockwise connected to the flanks ( like a child learning to count on his fingers I sneakly use my slightly bend arm/hand as a crutch, rather pathetic after years of handling ). And I still rehearse in my head on my way to sheep... it is easy to lose track of it in the heat of quickly changing circumstances. One never feels more stupid than realizing you are "correcting" the dog while you made the misstake yourself....
  9. Smalahundur

    Collie Breeding

    Thanks, that answers my questions quite adequately. Lemme guess, you have never seen a sheep up close in your life have you
  10. Smalahundur

    Collie Breeding

    So on a note unrelated to color ( and believe me, you don't want to know my stance on merle) why do you think your bitch is worthy breeding material? You state you breed for working homes, so am I safe in assuming that you are an experienced stockwork trainer, with at least some trial succes, and by that I mean serious ISDS style open trials. If I would contemplate buying a pup of you, those would be the things I would be interested in, of course along demonstrated proof of the working capacity of both parent dogs. I couldn't care less about color ( I lie, I actually have a secret crush on tricolor, and you know what? Never owned one...) So can you rather tell us anything about your background as a handler/stockman/trialer. And the more interesting qualities of your bitch.
  11. Smalahundur

    One Honest Politician

    I know. But it must be rather disturbing to look around you and realise that almost half of the people thought voting for this ****** was a jolly good idea. And of course, the US being the economic and military heavy weight it is (and one that has never been very shy about throwing that weight around a bit) the repercussions of this whole mess have an international impact, and affect the lives and livelihood of billions of people who had no say at all in his being voted into office. It has been, and still is a surreal experience following the news from your country. In a pretty scary way that is. Ah well, there seems to be some glitters of hope, there is obvious resistance going on ( btw did you see the cartoon just posted on terrierman's blog?). We'll see what happens. I think a lot of damage that he has done might be difficult to reverse.
  12. Smalahundur

    One Honest Politician

    Hard to imagine anyone worse than what you "ended up with". Btw that makes it sound like it happened by accident. It didn't. You can say lots of things about Trump, but not that he sailed under a false flag during his campaign. You got what he promised.
  13. Smalahundur

    Grain free

    "Lightyears" better huh? So the data on difference in health and longevity of dogs fed fed raw versus dogs on kibble must be very significant, and therefor very convincing.
  14. Smalahundur

    Sit on the dog

    Wow, I didn't realise what a horrible dog trainer I was, skipping this "exercise" ( sitting on my behind for at least half an hour doing nothing with the dog tied up next to me wasn't it?), that really really jolted my consience. No selfconfidence, no selfcontrol, and -gasp!- no zen. All that denied to my poor dogs,. My eyes are tearing up you know...Ah well, I am off to do some stockwork now and I'll make sure to apologize to them...
  15. Smalahundur

    Sit on the dog

    That is just a word. I can imagine this could be helpfull for dogs that are kept at home, visit office environments, pubs etc. Think personally its a bit farfetched to call it an "exercise" though, but that just depends on how you want to define that term. Won't do it myself for the simple reason I have no need for a "long down" in the daily life of my dogs. If that would change I think I wouldn't reserve special "training" for it, just something a dog would pick up on the fly. They seem to make such a big thing out of it, sitting for an extended period with your dog on a leash beside you. Difficult to imagine anything simpler to do with your dog.