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  1. Smalahundur

    Frightening intelligence

    Ha! You are not dealing with a "mere" dog. You had to get yourself a bordercollie, you allready lost. Better accept it...
  2. Smalahundur

    Styles of training

    Conformation class...? Come on man . 'Gait nicely on a leash', you mean thet ridiculous showwalk where the dog strains his neck to constantly stare at the face of his proud owner? No thanks. And no strangers are allowed to run their hands all over my dog, let alone their " very private places".
  3. Smalahundur

    Ram horn growth and castration

    I still think yor logic does not take differences in breed in account; in a breed where the ewes are polled and the rams have horns, strongly reducing testosterone is likely to stop horn growth alltogether. But in a breed like the icelandic, where ewes are also horned ( but with smaller, thinner horns than in the males), the reduced testosterone might only have an inhibiting effect, resulting in wethers that have thinner horns than uncastrated rams. After a burdizzo castration afaik, testicles become completely necrotic, and therefor stop producing testosterone. In principle no difference to removing them. For now I stand by my hypothesis
  4. Smalahundur

    Petting without permission

    My thoughts exactly.
  5. Smalahundur

    Ram horn growth and castration

    No mistakes, all wethers here are horned (unless obviously those from polled stock). Those horns grow like Shashlik's; long and wide, but thinner than in uncastrated rams. Significantly bigger than in ewes. That's why I thought him to be a wether, actually I still do. I think a botched burdizzo in which the sperm ducts are succesfully severed, but bloodsupply to the testicals remains intact sounds rather unlikely ( but who knows...?)
  6. Smalahundur

    A little rant - neutered? or not?

    I think the explanation is simpler; the breed. Icelandic ewes also have horns ( the majority that is ). In a breed where the rams are horned and the ewes are not, I can imagine castration has an stronger inhibiting effect on horn growth than in a breed where both sexes are horned.
  7. Smalahundur

    Petting without permission

    Though of course I understand the point he was trying to make the answer to that question is "quite a lot". Comparing someone's girlfriend to your own dog is wrong on more than one level imo.
  8. Smalahundur

    A little rant - neutered? or not?

    If you are talking about a true vasectomy, then the sperm ducts are blocked, but blood supply to the testicals remains intact, and testosterone production is not affected. Then it should not make any difference when the operation is performed. Here in Iceland lambs who come home after the slaughtertime is finished ("too late") are habitually castrated to be slaughtered as wethers next year. We just pocessed two of ours for home consumption, they were in the dog training group over summer. Those lambs are at least 5 months old at the time of castration. Sometimes people castrate adult rams they don't want to use anymore, at least a few months before slaughtering. The castration method is by burdizzo clamps. How sure are you an actual vasectomy was done, and not a burdizzo castration? Your description of Shashlik (great name btw) and his looks do point to a true wether.
  9. Smalahundur

    A little rant - neutered? or not?

    No, I would not define a ram with a vasectomy as a wether, just like a human with a vasectomy is not a eunuch. Icelandic rams at least (dunno about other breeds but would think it´s the same) grow slightly slimmer and clearly wider horns than intact rams. I would expect a ram with a vasectomy to grow normal horns, no doubt it is the testosterone that is the factor. I would be very weary of a ram called "Ramrod"...
  10. Smalahundur

    A little rant - neutered? or not?

    Ha! I had him pegged as a wether ( you posted another pic with him in it, the one with the funny captions), because 1. In with the sheep, and 2. His wide growing horns. Meant to ask about him, but forgot.
  11. Smalahundur

    Teatime too early?

    My dogs prefer coffee.
  12. Yeah having trees is pretty cool. We do have some, a few rather pathetic rows of willows planted by the previous owners, about a km from the farm. But it is a thing here in Iceland, forestry, and we are looking into it. Not very high on our current priority list....
  13. What a nice update. Happy for you and Bonnie. How are things going on the new farm? Settling in? ( we are still in the middle of the "settling in" proces....)
  14. Smalahundur

    Why does my BC do this?

    What a nice way to introduce yourself to this community. Read the description of this section. And if "it´s not rocket science", then why don´t you figure it out yourself...