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  1. I was told by the BC rescue person that if the body of a BC is predominantly white with red or black markings they have softer temperaments. How can someone determine if they have a Pet line or a Working line?
  2. Ok, thanks. I think you guys are right, here's one that more clearly shows she wants him to grab on. I think this confirms it as just play even though Peyton is growling. The growling is not aggression, play just noise.
  3. I've always felt Peyton was possessive about her toys with other dogs, but it looks like she is offering it to Jax in this video until the very end. She barks then runs off with it. Should I stop this or let it go?
  4. The only complaints I have about Jax is he seems harder to train. That's it, there's nothing more. His personality is simply magnificent. He fits in our home like a glove. He's the perfect companion dog for myself and my Aussie. Let me make that perfectly clear. It could be that he's not the ninja smart BC, but it could be that because everything is so new, he has shut down mentally. Jax is a shy and reserved dog, cautious and overly sensitive. Someone before me has been harsh with him and while his tail does not go totally between his legs, I do see some fear/nervousness in his tail position as he approaches everyone and even me. I would not say cowd, but it's not too far from it. Perhaps the best way to describe it is unsure of the outcome in any new situation. Is this causing him to be slow to train? Is he more focused on making sure he's safe than learning the command? I remember the first days of basics and me not being able to get a spark. I was having a hard time, getting him excited about anything. He would not respond to any treat or my other dog with any excitement. He was mousey/meek/timid. He almost seemed preoccupied with the uncertainty and I could not get him to focus and any many cases he would not make eye contact. His tail would wag, but it was subdued. His ears were back and his tail was down. That has changed somewhat over the last few weeks, Jax plays with my aussie all day now and they play very rough. I see what I would expect for BC behavior with the Aussie, but still not with me. Jax makes eye contact more and his tail wags with more enthusiasm now, but he's still not too sure. Jax is a magnificent dog, but he's not confident to be himself until he knows it's all safe, as in the case with my Aussie. Sometimes, when I look at him he will roll over on his back in submission. He did that many times when he first arrived and less so today, but it's still there. This makes me feel very badly. I would not hurt this dog for the world. Jax really does not have any obsessive behavior other than wanting to be with me 24/7. He is easily corrected, a single soft spoken leave it, will stop his activity in an instant and he won't ever push the issue. He's a loyal, easy to have around, easy to mold, mild mannered, quiet, go everywhere, do anything house dog. He does not chew things, chase squirrels, loves cats, does not get in the trash, is not dog or people reactive or exhibit any behaviors that need correcting at this point. That may change after the honeymoon period is over, but they are just non-issue as of today. Jax is just an easy dog to have around. I see the BC in Jax when he is playing with my aussie, fun, full of life, energetic and enjoying himself just being a dog with someone he trusts like my Aussie. At the dog park, with the Tennis ball, he's all BC, wow..what a dog! Where I'm still not seeing the BC is with me. He is still shy, reserved and unsure in spite of my best efforts to assure him he is totally safe. This will take time for Jax to be as comfortable with me as he is with my Aussie. If that helps with his training down the line, only time will tell. He's a magnificent animal with a magnificent personalty but he is not easy to train for whatever reason. I'm hoping it's the shyness holding him back but only time will tell. Having said all that, he does not "need" any more training, he's nearly the perfect house dog even today. The problem arises when I want to teach flyball, tricks and other non-basic behaviors but as far as Jax being an out of control BC that is keeping us up at nights worrying about his behavior in the day, that is simply non-existent. Let's look at the facts, he's a CGC BC after all, and he earned every letter of it. The Jax CGC test story can be found here if you have not read or care to read it. http://www.chazhound.com/forums/t106993/#post1485613
  5. You described both my dogs as well as I could. I have the exact same paring and experience.
  6. Jax is 12-14 months by most estimates. Jax had the CGC temperament right out of the box, all I did it train sit/down/stay/heel and leave it. He's not a hyper dog at all and not reactive to much of anything so far, except a Tennis Ball then he goes nutso. He tosses it to me in the car and sometimes to Peyton. Tennis balls is a game he understands and does it exceptionally well. It's probably just a case of settling in or maybe it isn't, either way he is great dog to have around the house even if he never learned one thing more. He's afraid of a frisbee, but then he's very reserved around many things.
  7. Hi Laurelin, You know better than anybody on this bc board what Jax means to me as well a Peyton and what we have "all" been through. You also know that Jax breaks many of the typical stereotypes of BC's. I think you said it best, it's a different kind of intelligence I see in Jax. I'm not accustomed to seeing it and it wasn't what I expected. I see no crime in trying to understand the breed which is completely new to me, and help my new dog. Jax is a wonderful, calm, well mannered dog, who anyone on the planet would be proud to own. He has cognitive ability that is awe insping, but the fact is Peyton learns hand commands faster and ties verbal commands to the hand commands faster. I have been using a clicker with Jax for 3 weeks, and I'm still not convinced the clicker is 100% loaded. He got his CGC off hand signals. He still requires a hand signal for sit. It's that he's not connecting the dots that has me baffled. Is it the fact he's shell shocked? Overly cautious, trying to please too hard? To soon to teach sit? I don't know, that's what I'm trying to figure out. But one thing is for certain, I feel the same was about Jax as Peyton and you know better than anyone on this board what Peyton means to me. Joe
  8. It's funny you say that, because my Aussie has her own thoughts and Jax looks to me for ideas. Apparently, he does not have many independent thoughts at this point. Jax is a great dog guys, I just wish for little less reserve and a little more spark. Jax is not dumb, because he excels at "other" more natural mental tasks far beyond my Aussie. Yes, he is a plotter, self aware, watches TV, tracks airplanes in the sky etc. etc. I just think his uncertainty may be getting in the way when I try to "train" something. I first noticed this when training Sit. He had never been trained to do anything before me, so it is ALL new to him. Obviously, he learned something or he would have failed his CGC, but it took longer than something like that would take for my Aussie. My Aussie snaps her commands, everything with Jax is the slow lane. Even the CGC evaluator had a comment. " He takes his time, but he get's there" and that in a nutshell, is Jax today. We have the rest of our lives and it will be interesting to see what I really have. I should also be careful what I wish for
  9. What kind of timetable have you experienced with rescue dogs before they know it's their permanent home? How did their behavior change when you knew it?
  10. I'm still waiting for mine to settle in and hope that training will become faster. He is much more perceptive than my Aussie, but my Aussie is much quicker to train. I hope this is just that he's unsure right now and his mental quickness shows up soon. He's one of the sweetest dogs you could ever meet. Gets along with everybody, doesn't chase squirrels or cats, doesn't bark or chew, plays with my Aussie all day and sits by my side the rest. He's not obsessive about anything except his Tennis ball. CGC certified after 10 days from arrival. Just a good dog. Smarter than my Aussie? I just don't think so, even the basics were twice as hard to train. 3 weeks now and he's still not house trained, he is not connecting the dots in many behaviors. The lights are on, but nobody is home.
  11. I've had mine for 3 weeks. In that time he has not left my side. He''ll leave a bone, food, anything to follow me. He came to me from city dog pound, then Rescue. I have no idea why, and yes, the bathroom too.
  12. My last dogs were Blue Heelers (8 years), next was my Aussie, then my first BC 3 weeks ago. Watching a Border Collie jump and run is just an incredible show of natural athletics. I’m not sure anyone that doesn’t have one fully understands. People said, Aussies and BC's are the same thing. I see now they are not the same thing at all. My Aussie is awesome on her feet, but my Border Collie is just incredible.
  13. Ok, I think I have a proof of concept. Peyton is spooked by storm drains. She'll hit the end of the leash every time if we get too close. I took LAT and applied it and Peyton learned when she looked at the storm drain she got a treat. This took all of 5 minutes and I'm 1000% positive she got it. That didn't help "much" on the spooky part, but she clearly was looking at the drain, and looked back at me expecting a treat sometimes even before I could click. No question at all that she understood what it took to get the treat. (Peyton is just amazingly quick to teach anything) So it looks like LAT will work for her, I just need to figure out how to work this for her and other dogs. The second and most important part is how to maintain the behavior without a click and treat. The next time we go out and walk by that storm drain, I better have a treat, because she will be looking for it.
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