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  1. Thanks for all your replies. I would really agree that what I really need to be in a "hurry" about is getting myself to some training ! One of my other dogs is getting older (she is almost 9...though you'd never know to look at her)...and I have always felt kind of disappointed that I did not seek further training advice with her. I got a bit lucky with her...as she is super "tuned in" to what is going on...and has ALWAYS come back when called, really she will do anything you ask of her...it just sometimes she does not understand what it is you WANT ! She has always been quite agressive...and my biggest problems are getting her to slow down and not try and be everywhere at one time. In thinking about it...if I can find someone who would be willing to work with this dog...and myself, I think I would find it much easier to start with the puppy...and the puppy will probably have a better chance at things, as I will not be stricty "learning" on her so much. I am shying away from the obedience training I have available to me...I just don't totally feel comfortable in their "classes" (even though both my older dogs went for years !!). For now I will work on the basics...teaching just some all round "good manners"...working on my recall and lie down, etc. Keeping it to the basics until I find a trainer who has some advice as to what else I should be working on. Bob...I will definately be getting in touch with the Alberta Stock Dog Assoc....actually I know one of their directors...and will also seek their input as to finding the right person to get me started. Thanks for your input...I am going to wait and start my dog on sheep...and under the direction of someone who has started WAY more dogs than me successfully...no sense teaching her bad habits before she has had a chance to learn some good ones ! There are a number of really great trainers within a reasonable distance from me...now I just need to find one of them who is willing to take on a "newbie" ! I am sure you will see more questions from me here !! Thanks Again, Jen
  2. Hi Everyone I am new to your forum...and have found lot's of good advice here. I know some of my questions have been covered in other posts...but I still have some questions regarding my own situation. I just got a new BC puppy (she will be the third working BC I have at this time). I spent a over a year deciding wether I should get a third dog...and have had to make some changes here at home to accomidate her...so far so good. Anyhow....my other two dogs are used daily for "ranch work' (cattle)...and I am very happy with them. However...I can see how I could have taken their training further...and have a better result today. My "training" with them only went as far as my own knowledge...and use of the resources (trainers) available to me at the time. THIS time...I am looking to take my dog further...and while it is a big goal...would love to be able to learn how things work at a trial...and get her to that level. That is where my questions come in (new dog is 14 weeks old): I have read a lot of discussion about how much "obedience" training to do with my new dog. I do go to weekly obedience (or will...we have just been once)...the person running it has some familiarity with AKC herding...and owns cattle...but I am not sure in the long run she will direct me to where I want to be. It is nice for me as I live in a fairly "remote" area...and it is just 15 mins from home. What are your thoughts about going to something like this for general obedience ?? I have started my last dogs on calves after weaning (500-600 weights)....it has worked for me in the past...as I use the new dogs for doing daily tasks...in which the calves have a desire to do anyhow...eg...move the calves toward the feed trough....good idea...or not so much ??? My last question...is that I purchased her from a breeder that is about 10 hours away...she comes out of two dogs that are from a very reputable breeder in Alberta...and what I am wondering is: Is it "rude" or "unacceptable" to ask a breeder/trainer closer to home for training lesson's ...etc because I did not purchase the dog from them ? Can I just "phone up" a trainer and ask if they are willing to give me and my dog training ?? I guess we can all look back at our dogs....especailly our first ones and learn....see how would could have done things differently...I am just looking to set my self up with the RIGHT advice...and tools so that this dog has more oppourtunity to become a more "finished" dog. (and educate myself at the same time !) I would say that one of my "goals" with this dog is to ENJOY learning along side her...otherwise I would just send her to a trainer. BTW...she appears to be very sharp...and a quick learner...which has promted me to post to you all...as I am reminded that I need to be as "sharp" as she is. Thanks in advance ! Jen
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