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  1. Harlow turned 2 yesterday. For her birthday she got a new Packer collar, Packer ID tag, and I stood in the pouring rain at 730am so she could play with her best friend a Pit mix named Quincy
  2. WOW....I thought Harlow was the only dog to do this! I just didn't know how to describe it other than bouncing like a bunny when she's chasing something. Whenever she's off leash in the woods and hears a chipmunk she'll run after it hopping. It's really cute but she looks kind of nerdy
  3. Well I have some good news on Harlow's dog aggression..... I took her to a guy here in Green Bay that is a really good dog trainer. He runs a doggy day care/boarding/behavior business. After asking me a bunch of questions he asked if he could see how she was with other dogs. I agreed, but was nervous. So he took her into a huge room with 3 other dogs, a Golden, Lab and a smaller mixed breed. He had me wait outside the room, but I could still see in through a smaller window. The dogs approched Harlow, and she put her head down and peed. Didn't show her teeth, growl, nip, nothing. After a few minutes the trainer asked me to enter the room.... I did and Harlow immediently came up to me and did a very tight circle around my legs, over and over, pushing me back. In the meantime any of the 3 dogs that approached she nipped at and showed her teeth. We left the room, and the trainer said what she was doing was guarding me. Asked if she's even snapped at a dog with me more that 10 feet away....no she hasn't. He said she was a very easy case and asked if I would consider day care. I said yes and 3 days later brought her there for the day. I guess she was nervous at first by ended up following the dogs around and made friends with a Bulldog puppy. Her brother from the same litter was also there that day. The trainer said she is very very submissive with other dogs but feels she needs to protect me. Which I don't understand, since I can pick up new puppies, pet other dogs, etc and she never bats an eye. She could care less. I was bit by another dog at the dogpark over a year ago so that might have something to do with it....? Not sure. But I'm glad I can bring her to doggy day care and know she won't be aggressive towards the other dogs. They have 2 seperate rooms for dogs there, one for the more out going, in your face type dogs, one for submissive dogs. They said she will always be on the submissive side. Since I started a 2nd job I'm so happy knowing I can bring her there and not leave her home all the time. And knowing it will tire her out!
  4. I've posted a few very similar to this before, but these are from yesterday
  5. SUCH a good looking guy! I love seeing pics of BC'S with cats!
  6. Thanks for all the responses. I could relate to alot of 'fear aggression' in her. If the dog ignores her and keeps walking she will do the same. Like i said she doesn't see a dog and just run at it attacking or anything. It's only when they get in her face. And it doesn't matter the age, size etc. The poor Great Dane she once snapped at cowered by his owner afterwards. Same with a Moscow Watch Dog. If she's not on a leash she's alot better, but I'm pretty sure she can sense me getting nervous while holding the leash and tightening it up. I've been working on that with myself also. Like I said, she's awesome with all people, it's just the strange, high energy bubbily dogs she gets weired out around. Here's a picture of her buddy Quincy, all I need to do is say his name and she gets excited. He's the Pit mix that she worships
  7. Harlow has a very important 'job' which she takes seriously
  8. Good luck with your dog I really hope things will work out
  9. Hi, I have a almost 2 year old BC that I've had since she was 6 weeks. And she has a very bad dog aggrssion issue I need some help with. First of all, she's VERY VERY people friendly, will run up to anyone, and likes kids even more. She's still a jumper when it comes to people, which I've been trying to break her of since I got her. But with kids she will run up to them and sit in front of them or lay down and wait for them to pet her stomach. And if a kid picks up one of her toys, she will follow them everywhere, staring at them, until they throw it. One of my friends works at a school and when she was a baby, even now, I will bring her there so the kids can pet and play with her. The most ever was 8 or 9 at one time and her little tail never stopped. I still bring her everywhere I go, if a friend is having a party, I'll bring Harlow. If there's something going on downtown I'll bring her. Basically she goes everywhere I go except for work lol which is why she's so people friendly. Oh, and she loves my cats Now my problem~~she is very dog aggressive. She won't run up and charge them or anything but if they come up and sniff her she'll loose it. Even little puppies. And it's even worse when she's on a leash. I've read alot about leash aggression and alot of it matches her. She does have a few 'dog friends' there's a Jack Russell and a Pit which can basically do anything and everything with her and she's great. Also a few dogs in the family she likes. I'm just not sure on what to do with her dog aggression. Like I said she's very friendly with people, strangers, etc, just strange dogs that get in her face. Any suggestions would be great, thanks The picture is her with one of her 'boyfriends' Chester
  10. Very partial to split faces here, he is very handsome!!
  11. I posted on another thread about how Harlow, who will be 2 years old on Sept 11, likes to pick up my cat Tom by the scruff of his neck, take him in a corner and clean him. At the same time Tom will kneed him whiling purring with his eyes shut. Is this a female dog thing? A mom instinct perhaps? She also found a baby bunny in the yard and did the exact same thing. Here's a pic
  12. Harlow and I were walking in the woods last week when I saw her chasing a chipmunk around a tree. It kept running around the base and she kept chasing it. Harlow likes to pounce when she gets excited and I'm pretty sure she pounced on it. Poor little thing was sitting up wheezing and breathing hard. Harlow walked away, I'm assuming having no clue as to what happens next lol
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