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  1. I'm not seeing a whole lot of detail about their breeding program but what I do see on their FB page and website, much of it not front and center, throws up so many red flags all I can see is a field of scarlet. emphasis on breeding for candy colors ACK registration no indication of any dogs working livestock (so what are their criteria for breeding?), just perhaps some other dog sports I'm not sure what your definition of a reputable border collie breeder is, but few here would consider these folks to make that list. These Boards are a continuation of the late United States Border Collie Club, whose reason for existence was to preserve border collies as a working breed with the primary goal of breeding first and foremost for working ability to the exclusion of any other purpose. I'm not sure if you've read the Read this First post, but if you haven't, please do.
  2. GentleLake

    Donald McCaig

    I have no words. I will miss you, my friend. roxanne
  3. GentleLake

    Border Collie Novice

    I think you may have to register as a member.
  4. GentleLake

    Training with Wellington update

    If you're not seeing it it's because you're refusing to see it. In your other post I described in detail the stress signals the dog(s?) in the videos were showing. Most noticeable in this recent video of your dog -- the one without the collar on him (I wonder how many more he threw during training when he was being shocked) -- is all the lip licking. Happy, confident and relaxed dogs don't do that.
  5. GentleLake

    Training with Wellington update

    It does. Locate your cursor on the user name or avatar pic. At the bottom of the box that comes up is an option to "Ignore User."
  6. GentleLake

    Help with aggressive behaviour

    ^^ This. Especially the part about not using force or anger.
  7. GentleLake

    Puppy Biting

    What you're describing w/ Ben sounds more like mouthing than biting or nipping and is most likely an affectionate and maybe also playful behavior. I probably wouldn't be too concerned about it myself, but if it bothers or concerns you then just give him a gentle correction and redirect him to a more appropriate chew toy. If he's showing teeth when you're correcting him I'd say that the correction is too strong and he feels threatened by it. I wouldn't continue with any corrections he responds to like that. You don't want it to escalate. If a milder correction and redirection doesn't work, then move on to times out.
  8. GentleLake

    Training with Wellington update

    And Wellington definitely does. Nothing subjective about it, as "looking sad" might be.
  9. GentleLake

    Frightening intelligence

    I wouldn't call that crazy at all. Hawks have been known to carry off teeny dogs. I pet sit 3 chis and have strict instructions -- which I always do anyway -- never to leave them outside unattended because of hawks.
  10. Prey model raw. Whatever you decide to feed her, please don't try to force or even really encourage her to eat more than she wants to. If she's self limiting her intake, then she's eating all she needs to. My first border collie was as you describe Lottie. Always skinny but the only way I could have gotten him to eat more would have been to force feed him. He was fine.
  11. GentleLake

    double hind dewclaws

    I suspect this is just an old wives' tale. I've never had a purebred border collie that had rear dewclaws, and some were very well bred working dogs. Not a definitive sampling to be sure, but I think more are born without rear dewclaws than are born with them, even singles. Double are pretty unusual AFAIK.
  12. GentleLake

    Raw feeding, how much for pups per day

    I feed 3 meals a day till 6 months. There is a way to calculate by current weight but it's very complicated and not any better than the easier way. 2-3% of ideal adult body weight per day, divided by however many meals you're feeding per day. Start in the middle w/ 2.5% and work up or down depending on condition. You want your pup lean but not skinny, definitely not pudgy. Some may require more than the 3% and that's fine as long as the condition's right. Few border collies will require less than 2%.
  13. I have no idea why some dogs do this, but it's not herding. Most likely more to do w/ wanting you, or a reminder of you, around when you're not actually present. Welcome to the Boards.
  14. GentleLake

    Playing fetch

    Another thing that can be helpful for many dogs is when you're ready to end the game, give them a heads up by telling them "last one" right before you toss the last ball. When they return with the final tossed ball, I say "all done" to reinforce it. Most pick up on what it means quickly, and it really makes a difference in softening the disappointment when the game stops abruptly and, from their point of view, unpredictably. It also helps to establish that it's you, not the dog, who's in charge of the game.