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  1. I am so sorry for your loss. I was crying as I read this. I know the heartache of lossing a special one. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family in this difficult time.
  2. Hi, Here are more pictures of my Dashia, I am not a good photographer so sorry......her nickname is Bug. Not a day goes by that I do not think of my Nikita. She will hold such a special place in my heart forever. But my Dashia has made me able to function and go on with life again. When I rescued her we had an instant bond and I knew we were meant to be.
  3. Hello Everyone, It has been awhile since I have been on. June 23rd was 2 years since my beloved Nikita passed and I am still struggling with the pain. I went to visit her gravesite and place new flowers on it so she knows Mommy loves and misses her so much. My Dashia I think was sent to me by Nikita. She has been a lifesaver and she is such a Mommy’s girl and spoiled rotten. There are so many things that Dashia does that my Nikita did. At times it brings tears to my eyes. I do not think I could have survived if my Dashia did not enter my life. I took the passing of my Nikita so hard I was ready to give up. Dashia has grown into a beautiful loving and ornery girl and she is two years old now. Time went too fast. I just wanted to say hi and thank you to everyone who was so supportive of me when my Nikita passed. It meant the world to me and helped me through a difficult period in my life.
  4. One year ago today a part of me died when I had to say good-bye to my Princess, Nikita. She was my heart and sole and I loved her more than any words could describe. Not a day goes by that Nikita is not on my mind. Each and everyday I cry because I miss her and I love her so much. When my Nikita passed my entire life change. I knew how important she was too me but when she passed reality set in and I realized I would never get to kiss her, hug her and play with her again. Nikita had been there with me through good and bad times and always gave me the unconditional love I needed to get through life. There were things I wish I did different during her life but I told myself I gave her the best life I could and I always made sure she knew that she was loved and spoiled. Mommy loves you and misses you Nikita, my Princess.
  5. Thank you everyone for you kind words. I asked Dashia if she would like a Chuck-it with *whistle* ball and she said “Yes Mommy, please”. So I told her I would get her one. Please tell Juno thank you for the recommendation. Do you know where I can buy one? I am going to my doctor and see what he suggests for my depression. I will ask him about Doxepin. I want to make sure I am the best Mommy possible for my new little girl and my family.
  6. I just wanted to say hi to everyone it has been awhile since I posted anything. Since Nikita’s passing June 23, 2009 I have suffered through bouts of depression. My Dashia (her nickname Bug and little girl) has helped me immensely. Without that little girl I do not think I could have made it. She turned a year on May 13th. We estimated her birthday since she was a rescue. My husband’s said Dashia is my guardian angel because she saved me. I had something to live for again a new puppy who loved me. Since my Nikita passed it has been a rough year. My husband had knee surgery in July 2009 and is suffering complications still which maybe permanent now. He has been out of work since Dec. 2009 and is unable to work due to his complications from surgery. My dad was hospitalized in November 2009 and passed away from a stoke Jan. 6, 2010. So I have pretty much been just going to work which has been tough and taking care of my husband, Misha and Dashia, and helping my mom out. Now that is approaching one year since Nikita’s passing my depression is getting worse again. I try and think about my Bug and how much I love her and she needs me but Nikita will forever hold that special place as my first little love. Considering the circumstances my Dashia is very well trained and highly intelligent. She picked up potty training without a problem and has her cute ways to tell me she needs to go. She has a stomach problem that our vet says is due to her being born in dirty conditions. But with a special diet (our picky eater, it was not easy) is seems to be controlled. At first we thought she had Parvo as a pup & I rushed her into the vet that is when he said it was her stomach. I do not remember the medical term he used. I was so scared thinking I would lose another angel so soon. I was so relieved when I found out she did not have Parvo. My Dashia likes and does so many things like my Nikita I know in my heart Nikita had this little girl picked out, waiting for her Mommy. Here is a current picture of my Little Girl.
  7. Dashia has an excellent attitude and a high energy level. She is very intelligent and learns commands quick. She is very friendly towards people unless she feels I am threatened. She just loves our vet and gives him kisses and wants him to hold her. Dashia loves to play tennis ball, and play with her toys all the time. She is very athletic from what I have seen so far. She has way more enery than I do or ever will LOL.
  8. I don't know for certain she is a mix that is what the resuce group said but then again they had her age incorrect too. Right now at approx 15 weeks she is 23 pounds. Our vet thinks she may be 55-60 pounds, but we are just looking at her paws and weight gain over the weeks. She is tall and skinny and has a longer than normal tail compared to Nikita and our other dog Misha who is half pit bull black lab. Our vet even commented on that. I will look at those other breeds and see. Thank you for the names. I am curious now if she is a purebred. I appreciate the input, let me know if I can answer any other questions to help see what breed Dashia is. Julie
  9. Hi, I know Dashia is not a BC like my Nikita but everyone here has been so great I love posting here because the feedback is excellent. Since Dashia is a rescue we are guessing she is 15 week based on when her teeth fell out. They said she was a Shepherd mix. I was looking at dogs on-line trying to figure out what type of Shepherd. She looks like a Bohemian Shepherd but I am not sure. Does anyone have any suggestions what they think her breed maybe? I would love to know. These are not the best pictures since I am not a good photographer, but I hope they are good enough. Thank you again everyone for all your suggestions and support. Julie Dashia_toys.pdf Dashia.pdf
  10. Thank you so much for all the suggestions!!! Dashia loves the frozen washcloths and ice cubes. I can't open the freezer without her wanting ice cubes or a washcloth. This weekend I am going to buy the Bitter Apple Spray and Cayenne pepper and hopefully salvage some of my stuff. You have to love the puppy stage......... LOL She is a handful but such a Mommy's girl I love it!!! Thank you again!
  11. Dashia is teething now and I have lost two throw rugs, carpet in my bathroom, a blouse (my fault I left it on the chair), a corner on my coffee table and a few other things. I have raw hides everywhere, tons of soft toys, hard toys, a Kong and anything I can think of that will help with her teething. Yesterday she lost her two front teeth and one bottom tooth so I am expecting a nightmare when they come in. If anyone has any suggestions how to help with teething or other chew toy ideas to help with her teething I would love to know. She has lightened up on the toe biting since I taught her the command let go. Thank goodness my feet are healing now. She is my little termite and I love her despite the damage.
  12. The only type of seizures I am familiar with are the ones Nikita had and they were severe. I do not remember the proper term due to my stress level with her health at the time. But in her case it was the brain tumor. She lost her bowels and was drooling and her entire body from head to paw was seizing. She could not be woken up out of it she continued until her body stopped and all I could do was comfort her. In the beginning she also made a noise difficult to describe but it was a noise that you knew she was in pain and it broke my heart. After the seizing stopped she was very disoriented, anxious and exhausted. Even when she was on high doses of medication and she seized it was her entire body just not as intense, she still lost her bowels and was drooling. Misha our other dog and Dashia the puppy both twitch in their sleep and yes I have panicked woke them up to make sure it was not a seizure. They both were alert which made me feel better. I agree I would go to the vet to be safe. If you can afford it you could even get an MRI if it continues, but they are expensive. Nikita’s was $1300.00 out where I live in Southern California. I had to borrow the money to get it done due to the cost. I hope the best for Scooter. I just read your new post and I am so happy Scooter is feeling better!!!!!!!
  13. I am so sorry for your loss. I understand the hurt and pain you are suffering as I lost my beloved Nikita this past June. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. This just breaks my heart. I am so sorry.
  14. Thank you for the suggestions and link for the puppy refresher book. I need to refresh myself because it has been awhile. So I am going to read it ASAP. I like the time out idea and I am going to start doing that today when I get home. Then she will realize you bite Mommy’s toes you are timed out from Mommy. Then she will start associating the two and hopefully stop biting my toes. Then she can lay by my feet and my toes/feet will be safe and I can begin to heal. No I don’t crate her, but I am beginning to think it would be a good idea especially while I am at work. I just have the house as puppy proofed as possible. But crating sounds like a good idea at least until she is potty trained then she can use the dog door. I need to learn not to make a big deal when I leave or come home, that was my error I did with Nikita and now Dashia. I just feel guilty for leaving and I am, so excited to see her when I get home. So that is my mistake which I need to work on so she does not have behavioral problems. Since Dashia is more ahhh lets say wild than Nikita her training needs to be more disciplined. I was very fortunate with Nikita she was smart and very obedient, she was an excellent student. I just hope Dashia turns out to the same. Dashia is so cute she follows me everywhere. She is defiantly a Mommy’s girl. That is what I wanted and needed. Now I just need to train her properly so she is well behaved. Thank you!!!
  15. Well it is that time to puppy train again. We are guessing Dashia around 12 weeks old; since she is a rescue we are not really sure. The rescue group said they were guessing she was 8 weeks when we got her on June 27th. Our vet thinks she maybe a couple of weeks younger. She was 9 pounds on July 18th and has put on a few more since. Her next set of shot are on August 8th. She is growing fast. I have been trying to research what breed she is I think she is part Bohemian Shepherd. Has anyone had any experience with this breed? The coloring, ears are an exact match and from what I read she fits a lot of the personality traits. I need to get a picture so I can get some ideas if I am correct. Toe biting, I never had to go through this with Nikita all she wanted was a tennis ball. Plus she was quiet; Dashia is quite the clown, stories for another post. Any suggestions how to stop toe biting? When I am trying to get ready for work and all she likes to do is bite my toes. I tell her NO she backs off for a second stalks me then pounces back. I say it firm but she just looks and me and comes back to bite my toes again. She does not take me seriously. I am a giant chew toy to her. My arms and legs show it. I tried squirting a water bottle when she bites and saying NO and she just plays with the water. I have another water girl I think. I feel bad for Dashia; she is already suffering separation anxiety when I go to work. Nikita also suffered this so she just left me presents everywhere when she got extremely upset with me. Dashia screams at the top of her lungs. As I am leaving I can still hear her screaming. I feel bad because I don’t know how long she does it for. She also leaves presents but we are still potty training. Otherwise she is a very good puppy. She is starting to chew but has plenty of toys and rawhides that keep her busy. I guess my biggest issue right now is the toe biting how to stop it, help please!!! There will be more issues to come I will need suggestions for I am sure. I just don’t know how much more my toes and feet can take
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