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  1. Do you have more pictures of him? Looks like an ACD mix IMO.
  2. Rollers help a lot. Also try waving the disc in front of the dog's face and getting him excited about it. Wave it around and play keep away while not letting go of the disc. Then once the dog really wants the disc, toss in the air (lightly) right in front of the dog's face. With young dogs, I really like discs made of fabric. Like a Flippy Flopper or something similar. But, be careful what you wish for! Once your dog is hooked, he will be hooked for life. My dog sleeps with her head on the frisbee sometimes if you don't take it away from her.
  3. I would like to keep it within a 4 hr drive of North Texas. Would prefer closer so that a visit could be made before the puppies are born.
  4. I'm looking for a breeder in the Texas area. OK and LA would be fine as well. This dog will be a companion and will not work livestock. Agility would be a possibility depending on the dog. Before anyone chimes in about rescue, please don't. Every dog I currently own was a rescue. I've never purchased a dog from a breeder before. I am looking for a puppy <16 weeks old. It's very hard to find a border collie this young in rescue. It seems that the breeders most willing to sell a dog to a non-working home are not people I want to deal with. The breeders I do feel good about typically don't sell to non-working homes. This dog will live inside and will get plenty of exercise and stimulation. Before anyone chimes in about reading up on the board or the opinions of its members, I already have. I have been on here for 3 1/2 years, with most of my time spent lurking. I already tried the search feature, but it didn't turn up many results. Thank you for your help. I may have already contacted the majority of Texas breeders, but I'm hoping there were a few that I missed. Please feel free to send me personal messages. I know it can lead to headed discussions if you post breeder information on a public forum.
  5. You have malnourished dogs, chained up dogs, abused dogs, and neglected dogs all over the world and you want to point a finger at this dog? Good grief. The dog is obviously happy and well loved. I know dogs that jump 6 feet in the air to catch balls. Is this good for their bodies? Probably not, but it's hard to keep a dog from doing what it loves. If the dog enjoys dancing around on her hind legs for a few minutes, who cares. Then you go on to say that the outfit is degrading to the dog. Honestly, I never dress my dogs, but who cares if someone does as long as the dog is happy and enjoying it. What is appropriate and "dignified" for the dog? Are you going to tell me that having a dog on a leash isn't "dignified"? And I should let my dog eat at the dinner table? Where do you draw the line? I'm curious. The bottom line is quite simple. The dog is happy and apparently healthy. Who are you to say the guy doesn't have his dog's best interest in mind?
  6. My sister recently adopted a 4 month old puppy from a local animal shelter. A few days later, the puppy became very ill. Our vet suggested that she might have Distemper. We were told there was no way to know for sure. The dog is almost 100% now and we are wondering how long she should be separated from other dogs. We are getting conflicting opinions, but want to err on the side of caution. Thanks
  7. I'm also curious about this
  8. Do you have any pictures of her as a puppy?
  9. My BC carries her tail curled up. I also see her brother on a regular basis and neither one of them chases a ball or catches a frisbee the same way. I think your logic is flawed.
  10. I have a dog that "reverse sneezes" occasionally. It sounds pretty horrible and freaked me out at first, but he has been doing it for 5 years now and it never lasts very long.
  11. I recently flea preventative online and never received it. I called three weeks after I placed the order and was told to wait another week. After over a month, they informed me that it was never shipped and offered me a refund or said they would ship a new order. I requested the refund. So I'm just looking for a reliable place to order from, preferably with good prices.
  12. I would keep any high impact activities at a minimum for a few more months. Let your dog finish growing first. It would be similar to letting a 5 year old boy pump iron. I strongly disagree. Maybe if you only have one dog, but not with multiple dogs. It would cost me 1200 dollars a year to insure all of my dogs. If they all live to be 10 years old, that's 12000. I would rather save the money instead. Also, if you haven't filed a claim yet, you will be pleasantly surprised how little they reimburse you.
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