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When do pups stop growing

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#1 sweet_ceana


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Posted 17 January 2007 - 08:11 AM

When do puppies stop growing? Ceana looks full grown and hasn't added a lb in 2 months.
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#2 Kat's Dogs

Kat's Dogs


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Posted 17 January 2007 - 08:37 AM

height wise, they are pretty much done by 1 year. But, after that they may fill out a little more, gain muscle (at 1 year they are still "pups" and don't have close to as much muscle as a dog should have) and their fur of course will grow out (on a rough coated dog).

So at a little under 1 year is when you start to stop noticing big differences in height/weight, but they are not REALLY done growing and developing yet.

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#3 RaisingRiver


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Posted 17 January 2007 - 01:06 PM

River hit her full height at 9mos. But her smaller face and big ears finally fit her around 15mos. She also thinned out (to lean sport BC shape) at 15mos - which could also be attributed to gaining the right muscles.

#4 justdogs


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Posted 17 January 2007 - 05:46 PM

Do you mean weight, height or structural?
There was a chat on another sight where most people said the pups were within 2 inches of full height at 12 months, but some grew until two years old. Also, some bitches drop their chests and shrink ? an inch after their first heat (not sure if that occurs if they are spayed). Weight wise some males tend to get really skinny while growing taller before they fill out.

There is still some debate as to when a dog?s joints are fully grown.

just relaying info. All I know is that my male was 1 1/2 inches shorter when I left him with a trainer at 10months, than when I picked him up a month later, but he didn't get settle into his current weight until he was three. Always a skinny boy.

#5 Guest_amylobdell24_*

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Posted 27 January 2007 - 07:31 AM

My Ceana really stopped obviously growing at 8 months (28# then) - she has filled out and gained muscle since then (like another 7 or 8 pounds), but visually she's pretty much the same size. Her weight now fluctuates between 35-40 pounds depending on how much aglity/herding/flyball stuff we're doing.

#6 donna frankland (uk)

donna frankland (uk)

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Posted 28 January 2007 - 07:36 AM

brighid is 17 months old and still gaining height slowly, it is very slowly and i am beginning to think she may not end up being a teeny weeny bc lol!
she is raw fed, and it is said that raw fed dogs grow slower :rolleyes:
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#7 Rosanne


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Posted 02 February 2007 - 05:18 AM

I don't know if raw-fed dogs grow slower than well-fed kibble pups. . my pup's littermate has ALWAYS been bigger and grown faster than mine, and she has been fed exclusively raw. Me, I'm too afraid to miss important nutrients. I feed 80% or so -very- high quality kibble, and the rest is cooked meat, ground veggies, etc. Anyway, I've never seen anything to indicate that myth is true.

My one female hasn't gotten taller since 7 months old. She is small (just under 18"), and so even though she didn't grow real fast, she did stop early. I still didn't work her hard till she was a year and a few months, just in case, but I remember measuring her at an agility trial at 7 months, and then getting her height card, and both times was the same height. (and I used to be a judge, so I do know the proper way to measure and all that!) She did indeed fill out some, but has topped out at a whopping 25 lbs.

I think they are all different. Your pup may indeed be done getting taller, but almost certainly will fill out and gain some more breadth, depth of chest, etc.

#8 PSmitty


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Posted 02 February 2007 - 05:44 AM

Well, that makes me feel better, I had someone tell me that BCs are usually at their full height around 6 months.

My boy is 6 months old, about 16" tall and 21 lbs. We've had him a little over a month, and he's gained 7 lbs since we've had him, but doesn't seem to be getting very tall. Although he has grown some, since he no longer can run underneath Jack's belly!

The other night, two 5 month old BCs came into the training club, and they looked so huge compared to Alex! That got me wondering, but I guess I need to remember the big variety in size when it comes to border collies.

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#9 Bo Peep

Bo Peep

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Posted 02 February 2007 - 06:48 AM

My first BC reached her full height at 6 months. The others took a lot more time to grown height wise. They all go through that "gangly" age. I had one BC with the shortest legs. She was only 20 inches at the shoulders. Size doesn't matter. As long as they're healthy & weight proportionate is the best thing.
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#10 3dogslater


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Posted 03 February 2007 - 05:35 PM

My Kelpie mix was at full height around 7 months and filled out muscle wise around 2.5 years. She matured to 20" and 48 pounds.

#11 Katilea



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Posted 12 May 2013 - 04:54 PM

I thought my pup was growing well as he's nearly as tall as my older dog (whose a lab x collie ..pup is pedigree BC) he's just about 21" at shoulders and 15.4kg he's 8 months old this month.. I saw one of his littermates the only other male in the litter and he looks like a full grown collie...whereas Jay still looks very puppy-like..his ears haven't pricked..they will go half pricked but mostly floppy, doesn't cock his leg yet and vet said his 'furry plums' were very small when he looked last week and nearly missed one (thought it was retained but then found it).


He was a locum vet so didn't know his age without looking at his records and guessed his age as a few months younger asking if he was 6 months yet.. as they recommended neutering at 6-9 months.


Do you think nutrition affects growth as he's had alot of food allergies and it's taken a while to find a food that doesn't go straight through him? and a severe case of liquid squits and sickness as a puppy and at only point had only gained half a kilo several months later and described as 'a bag of bones'.


I've only recently managed to find him a good food he is doing well on and we've elimated the itching, and runny eyes and have normal poo's...but wondered if he would stay on the small side as a result or eventually catch up to be a bigger dog as his littermates are?

#12 Gideon's girl

Gideon's girl

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Posted 12 May 2013 - 08:21 PM

It could easily go either way.  Nutrition definitely affects growth so his puppy illnesses probably did slow his normal growth.  He may stay small, but I have seen many dogs that kept growing and seemed to reach full size after some pretty bad starts.  Both of my pups were 21" at 8 months and both grew another inch after that.  The one that is only 14 months may still grow a little more.  That's a fairly average size, neither exceptionally short or tall.


It isn't uncommon for littermates to be a variety of different sizes either.

#13 Katilea



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Posted 13 May 2013 - 01:30 AM

ok thanks.. he's very lean I've had problem finding coats to fit him thorugh the winter as he arrived last November. if i got coat to match his back length they would be miles too big on his body as he was so skinny and short for ages. It's twice this same vet has made me feel Jay was underweight or very small for his age with his comments.  I look at him and think he's not that small, then we'll see another collie in the field and he does look alot smaller if he had meant to reach his full height by now.


I think its cos its face is very puppy like he has his adult teeth in but his nose isn't as long. My vet was asking about neuturing and I wasn't sure if I should give him longer with his hormones to give him chance to catch up. It's just with vet mentioning his furry plums were very small I wondered if other organs, bone development etc had finished growing to the size they should be?

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