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Swa**ord's back in business

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#1 Sue R

Sue R

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Posted 27 September 2005 - 04:02 AM

Anybody notice that Richard Swa**ford is back in business, with his many "partners" in about a dozen or so states? Now all pups are registered with CKC (NOT Canadian Kennel Club but rather Continental Kennel Club) which is reputed to "register" pups from (shall we say) dubious breeders (puppy mill and BYB).

If you know of anyone who is looking for a Border Collie pup, please DO NOT RECOMMEND this breeder. He was barred from registering with ABCA for falsifying information on puppy registration papers (see a previous thread on that). Although he lists some dogs with apparently good working backgrounds, he is considered by many (including rescues - just mention his name to a responsible rescue and you will see what I mean) to simply be a puppy mill.

Interestingly, in looking over our adopted Megan's pedigree (she's not registered but I have a copy of her littermate sister's papers) I see a couple of Swa**ord bitches. Rather backs up my suspicion that Megan was a puppy mill or BYB product. (Don't worry, she's a great dog and we couldn't love her more, but the physical and working quality isn't there.)
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Posted 27 September 2005 - 05:43 AM

I allowed myself to get suckered by this very person. My girl is from him. She has had more problems than I ever imagined dealing with. In fact we spent our first 4 hours together at an emergency vet. I do take the blame for not doing my homework and not knowing enough. I made a huge mistake that I will never repeat again. I have tried to make his life hell and he pretty much hates my guts. I have written tons of letters, sent the emails that we exchanged after I got the pup with her multitude of issues off to various organizations, etc. Problem is only a few listen. The ABCA moniker is still on the website for some of the pups. I have reported this and they can't seem to make him remove it.

Word of caution to potential buyers: If no one questions why you want a BC or what kind of home you can provide it....DON'T BUY

If the breeder has a million litters at one time. Could be a red flag!

Don't do what I did. Sure I love my girl. But we will deal with her health and temperment issues for the remainder of her life. I will probably never stop being mad.
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Columbia MO

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Posted 29 September 2005 - 08:44 AM

I finally got around to looking up this guy today online. I see what you mean. It's an obvious puppy mill with 18 "breeding" males and 17 "breeding" females, and about 40 puppies listed for sale from a dozen or so litters. The puppies are close in age, so he's apparently breeding over a litter a week.

Some of the testimonials state that people got their puppies at the far-too-young age of 6 weeks old, all delivered by a driver that drives around to different states dropping them all off. I can't believe anybody would fall for this guy.

He definitely still lists the ABCA registered dogs prominently on his website.

I'm trying to figure out how he is a "member of the ASPCA and HSUS." Has anybody told them about this guy? He also claims to be running a shelter, though some of the dogs there are obviously puppies his puppy mill friends couldn't sell and have passed along to him to do it. I feel sorry for one dog I see on there who has its CGC and lots of training. How did they end up handing over this "indoor only" dog to a guy that apparently has around 100 BCs on his property. (And those are just the ones pictured on the website).

If anybody has more of a history on this guy--particularly those who have been involved with trying to shut him down or whatever--please send me a PM. I'm just curious, especially after reading every page of his website. Yuck!

Columbia, MO

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