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Heads up Savannah

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#41 Smalahundur


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Posted 21 June 2017 - 09:12 AM

What about the ISDS?

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Posted 21 June 2017 - 12:32 PM

Someone will have to ask for it to be added.

My initial concern wasn't 'who do and who don't' as far as registries go.  It was to inform people about the rather draconian laws that get passed, sometimes with the best of intentions. 

#43 Journey


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Posted 22 June 2017 - 10:17 AM

Good grief...2 of those don't exist anymore.
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#44 D'Elle


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Posted 25 June 2017 - 05:53 PM

Holy crap! This week?


The conversation I related happened in the early '80s. It's sad to think there's been so little progress in 35 years.


Sometimes (often actually) I despair for the human race. :rolleyes:

Me, too, GentleLake.

I had that same interaction not long ago with someone who kept insisting that "even dogs bred for working performance should have a standard that makes them all look alike".


I found it impossible to get it through that person's thick skull that such a thing is anathema to selecting for working qualities. Cannot select for both. cannot. Cannot. But that person just couldn't get it.


I gave up pretty quickly, as I knew I was talking to an ACK dog breeder. Not a Barbie collie breeder, not even a working dog breeder. But it is as if they have all been brainwashed or something. It's scary.


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#45 Sue R

Sue R

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Posted Yesterday, 01:35 PM

I had my Celt and Megan at the pet food store one day, back when they were both probably about a year or two old. Both are pretty "classic" - black and white with tradition markings, medium rough coats, Megan with tipped ears (set by her previous owner) and Celt with sort-of airplane ears. A woman asked what they were crossed with as they were not purebred Border Collies. I said they were purebred but working-bred not show-bred. She disagreed and said they must be cross-bred. The store owner chimed in that they were working-bred, and purebred, but that working-bred Border Collies did not tend to look like show-bred or even have any sort of consistent look because they were bred for work, not looks. She continued to disagree and tell us we were both wrong because she knew what a Border Collie should look like and neither of mine did. 


So, in spite of my knowing Celt's mother and father in person, and having his pedigree; in spite of having Megan's pedigree; in spite of anything the store owner or I could say, this woman knew better than either of us and that was that, because she'd seen Border Collies in shows (like Westminster) and mine obviously were not purebred since the ones in the shows obviously were, and they did not look the same. 


This was not the first time I had a purebred dog (the other was a farm-bred Airedale bitch, not registered but purebred) that someone knew better than I did, and told me so, because my particular dog did not fit the cookie-cutter mold of the show world. 


What is it about a little knowledge being like a razor in a monkey's hand? 

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#46 Riika


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Posted Yesterday, 06:51 PM

What I said was this. "IMO, breeding for the right reason is work, not conformation, and I don't care if a dog is registered or not as long as it works."

What I got in response was this. (Not exact quote incase that is breaking some rule of FB) "What do you mean dogs shouldn't be bred for conformation?????? Of course they should be!!!! And you don't want registered dogs????? Sounds like a puppy mill to me!" Note-I didn't say I'm a breeder, and I'm not. And a little later. "So you breed unregistered dogs that don't fit the breed standard?"

I responded with this: and didn't hear back. "I DO breed to the breed standard, just not the AKC one. I breed to the working standard. (BCs) I didn't say my dogs weren't registered-I said I don't care if a dog is registered or not as long as it works-and is healthy and sound, I might add. The ABCA is the registry I use." Later I added, "Should say I WILL breed-I haven't bred a litter yet."

Later someone posted a video-but I can't find it or the accompanying text-about how conformation should come first because it helps the dog do what it was intended to do. If that statement is true, I have not seen any proof of it in action. Every single conformation breeder I've seen doesn't have great working dogs, (limited to my experience in BCs) and all the working breeders I know, with excellent, top in the nation dogs, have never said a thing about conformation except maybe a straight bite.

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#47 Smalahundur


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Posted Yesterday, 06:56 PM

The rabbithole is even deeper Sue, I had a discussion with someone who said that a dog (whatever breed) cannot be purebred when it doesn't have papers. Even when both the dog's parents are registered pure bred dogs ( to be clear, of the same breed ;) ). She went so far to say that such a dog can't be called that breed....

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