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Pet Insurance?!?!?!

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Posted 20 June 2005 - 07:45 AM

Do you have to worry about "pre-existing conditions"?

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Posted 29 June 2005 - 06:32 AM

Hi Bill ? I wasn?t ignoring your question, I just didn?t have the figures handy. Here goes:

This year I have spent $2605.02 on vet bills for Dublin and my 3 cats. $991 of that was for Dublin, the rest for the cats. The cats? portion of the expenses were high because 2 had to have teeth pulled and the third had to have a tumor removed. I expect my future vet expenses to go down, because I found a *much* more reasonably priced vet that still provides a high level of care. This doesn?t include heartworm and flea preventative ? I haven?t bothered to track those.

As of right now, I have spent $960 on pet insurance. I have been reimbursed for $762 so far, but I still have $1100 that I just sent in so I am still waiting for those checks. As long as I am reimbursed $200 out of that set of bills I have broken even.

If you look at the expenses on a yearly basis, then I would have spent $1440 on pet insurance. In that case I would need to be reimbursed at least $678 to break even, which is still only 62% of the costs I sent in. As VPI reimburses 90% of cost, I should definitely break even, and will most likely come out ahead this year, based on my calculations and their reimbursement schedule.

If I only look at Dublin?s cost vs. insurance, I am already ahead.

Will this be the case every year? No, or the insurance company wouldn?t make any money. I may cut back on the coverage or drop it completely now that the major ?one-time? items have been taken care of (like neutering, microchipping, etc) and start a vet savings account. I am still undecided on that one, but so far I have had no problems with the company.

I originally looked into insurance because my old vet was so pricey and I wanted some help defraying the costs (he wanted $550 to neuter Dublin, $700 if I wanted laser surgery!!!!) My new vet only charged me $220, including the microchip.

Most of the portions that weren't reimbursed were for procedures that my old vet charged way more than the reimbursement amount listed. As my new vet has much more reasonable pricing (I checked his fee schedule against the insurance schedule - I think he believes I am nuts, but oh well) this shouldn't be a problem in the future. The only other things they didn't reimburse for were the $4 'waste' fees my old vet charged every time he gave a shot.

I hope this helps!
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