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Class action against Arcana and Origen

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#1 Tommy Coyote

Tommy Coyote

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Posted 20 March 2018 - 08:07 AM


High levels of toxic minerals.

This may be important because these are considered top dry dog foods.

#2 JohnLloydJones


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Posted 25 March 2018 - 05:13 PM

From the article at http://truthaboutpetfood.com:


With the heavy metal results provided, the levels found in the Champion Pet Food appear be be below that what authorities recognize as a ‘Maximum Tolerable Level of Minerals in Feed’.

#3 GentleLake


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Posted 25 March 2018 - 05:38 PM

If anyone's interested, the direct link to the specific article quoted (as opposed to the home page) is http://truthaboutpet...ana-and-orijen/

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#4 highway61


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Posted 29 March 2018 - 02:20 PM

WARNING Acana and Orijen pet foods are contaminated with MEAT!   :P   From my go-to local feed store:




Before the rumor mill springs into full force (as can happen in this industry), we want to take a moment to clearly address the lawsuit that has been filed against Champion Petfoods. In a few words, we find this to be bogus, unfounded, and utterly ridiculous. This lawsuit is based on findings from the Clean Label Project, a group that awards star ratings to foods based on testing done in the lab owned by the CLP's executive director (conflict of interest, anyone?). They don't release their actual data unless you pay money and sign an NDA, and star ratings are unbelievable- 5 stars for ALPO, guys- that's what sort of bunk science this is. They also fail to discuss how minerals are found in meats and fish naturally, so of course a product made with lots of meat or fish is going to have *some.* Common sense, right?

As you all know by now, as a company we are unbelievably picky and cautious about the brands that we sell- that's why we've parted ways with some over the past few years. We aren't afraid to discontinue a brand that sells well if we don't believe in it, or wouldn't feed it to our own pets. ACANA Pet Foods and ORIJEN Dog and Cat Food are brands that we stand behind 1000% and will happily continue to use as part of our own dog's diet (we'd feed it to the cats too, if they weren't on all raw and canned, but they do enjoy the ORIJEN treats!)

Adam and I encourage anyone who may be concerned about this matter to check out Champion's response last year to the CLP "findings" at https://www.championpetfoods.com/heavy-metals-and-pet-food…/, and learn a little more about the dubious "science" behind this by checking out articles such as https://www.forbes.com/…/the-clean-label-project-is-using…/… and http://www.chadhayesmd.com/the-clean-label-project-is-play…/.

The narrative that pet food companies are all crooks, or making horrible crappy food, or whatever, is just nonsense. YES, there are plenty of awful foods full of nasty things that aren't healthy for pets made by companies that literally could not care less about your pet's health and well-being. Having visited with Champion last fall, seeing their amazing facilities, and talking with their dedicated staff, I became even more of a fan of them than I was before (and remember, my preference is raw food), and we truly think they are making some of the best dry foods out there. Full stop.

You will continue to find these fine foods on our shelf with zero hesitation from us, but we would like to take a moment to remind you that while we do think these are really great foods, we actively encourage ALL of you to rotate the proteins you feed your pet as much as possible, and include some meal components above and beyond dry food- raw, canned, rehydrated, fresh, etc. to help make for a more well-rounded and healthy diet. We don't eat the same meal every day for years, and our pets shouldn't either. If you have questions about this matter, or want to talk food with us at any time, please don't hesitate to ask. We feel passionately about helping your pets be their healthiest, and appreciate your continued trust in us through the years!


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