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  2. In no way is intended to be argumentative, but my experience with one dog who had clinical Lyme disease and was successfully treated with doxycycline continued to test positive with subsequent SNAP tests for the rest of her life. @Luana, I don't remember what her doxy dose was.
  3. thanks for the reply. Spillo had a C6 quant test to quantify the Ab response. his numbers are elevated with a value of 70 compared to the baseline of 30 and that is why the Vet decided to treat him. I agree that it could also mean his immune system responded to the bacteria, but not being sure I followed the Vet directions. the goal is to bring is Ab value below threshold, when the number is very low it will not be detectable on the snap test. his number at 6 months from treatment will serve as baseline for him as I will continue to test him every year with the C6. my concern however is with the dosage of antibiotics, as it seems quite high to me and I was wondering which is the dosage generally used for a border collie.
  4. In the linked article a dog is defined as being infected when it exhibits clinical symptoms but not infected in the absence of “clinical symptoms” even with a positive Lyme test. No one defined “clinical symptoms” in the article. We have had dogs that tested positive (Idexx Snap test) that only exhibited symptoms while working livestock (loss of physical and mental stamina) but no symptoms when not working. These dogs regained physical and mental stamina within 4 days of starting the doxycycline treatment. Our dogs were infected; however, if they were not working livestock the vets in the linked article would have diagnosed them as unaffected, with a false Lyme positive test. We have also had a dog test positive that had no symptoms while working. btw, our Lyme positive dogs tested negative after the doxycycline treatment. This does not fit with the commonly held opinion that they will test positive their entire life. I wonder if the lifelong positive Lyme tests are true infections but sub-clinical because of the current definition of “clinical infection”.
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  6. Not all dogs who test positive for Lyme exposure actually get Lyme disease. I have a dog who's been testing positive for 4 or 5 years now. She's never exhibited any symptoms and has never been treated. I do, however, have a urinalysis done every year to be sure it hasn't affected her kidneys. Most tests only test for exposure, not actual disease, so you may have given him Abx needlessly. BTW, your dog's likely to test positive for the rest of his life. It doesn't mean he has Lyme disease or that he ever did. But it will mean you have to be watchful for symptoms in the future, not so much from this exposure but because the SNAP test won't be able to tell you if he's been re-exposed to Lyme disease from a later tick bite. https://healthypets.mercola.com/sites/healthypets/archive/2018/04/04/lyme-disease-in-dogs.aspx?utm_source=facebook.com&utm_medium=referral&utm_content=facebookpets_ranart&utm_campaign=20190519_lyme-disease-in-dogs&fbclid=IwAR2Mk9ZVPLKe_oYF9dgM3Rgn0l1IPihobFK8EgFni0BQBqdDXpywTcDI8Is
  7. Hi all, this year Spillo tested positive to Lyme. I test him every year. in April I found a tick on him (even if he is protected with frontiline). it was different from the ticks I know, so I preserved it. in May he had is full check up with blood test and resulted positive to Lyme. I then sent the tick for testing and the results shows that the tick was infected. so my vet decided for 400 mg doxy a day (divided in 200 mg every 12 hours) for 4 weeks is this the amount that is given to a 43 pound dog from your experience? he has to take 2 100 mg capsule twice a day and I am wondering if this is a very aggressive amount for an asymptomatic dog. if you have any experience with it I will appreciate any input. Luana
  8. We had so much fun last year that we went again this year. Kolt rocked the 4.25 miles course and all the obstacles! there were some doozies - Culverts, 1/4 mile through a rocky creek, mud crawls, concrete hurdles, A-frames, plunges into pools to name a few. We bettered our time from last year and managed to finish in the top 10% in the women’s division!
  9. My second video of teaching my two dogs Zara and Eve (Doberman) both older dogs to sit come stay and hand shake
  10. I will be slowly adding my n00bish training videos as I endeavour to train my older border collie, any advice for training would be appreciated as it’s taking me ages.
  11. Ok no worries I will make that post now cheers and sorry guys
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  13. There is another thread on here at the moment with ideas for trick training - lots of videos etc. That would be a good place to start. Nosework, such as looking for treats, or more specific nosework training, will also help keep him occupied inside. The tip to inside activities is to keep his mind occupied with either learning or brain heavy activities. I am not sure about supplements. I have a boy with hip dysplacia, who has been put on cartrophen injections, which are also used for arthritis. They have been excellent. They are basically artificial synovial fluid, from what I understand, which is the fluid which lubricates joints. I am sorry to hear about your boy - he looks lovely!
  14. 14 weeks now and 23 lbs. His first river trip was this weekend. So far there isn’t much that he is afraid of.
  15. My response was rude? And offering some information about what you'll find if you do the suggested research and a starting point with the foremost authorities on the subject about where to look is unhelpful? There's only one person attacking or being rude in this thread so far . . . and it isn't me.
  16. Okay then. Doing some basic research is always helpful. And it’s not rude to suggest it. When we understand stuff better, it reassures us in the decisions we make. Also talk to your local vet to get their input on the situation. Just vaccinate the puppy before bringing it home. The oral vaccine can be given at 8 weeks. Keep copies of your vaccine records. I write stuff on the last page of my calendar or stick it in my phone calendar. Remember that vaccinated dogs can still get kennel cough - vaccines for bacteria aren’t 100% effective. If it’s a huge worry to you, perhaps passing on this puppy and getting one a few months further down the road would be a good idea.
  17. I’m just gonna ignore the rudeness of the first part of that statement because I don’t know you and it’s not worth my time. Thank you for that incredibly unhelpful response if you e nothing useful to share please don’t. 1 yes vaccines can help prevent this from happening. 2. It’s not a cold considering my dog my child spent the entire two days hacking up white foam before he was given anti biotics to treat it. Also puppies have incredibly fragile immune systems. Look I’ve got C ptsd diagnosed and currently being treated I don’t respond well to feeling under attack so maybe think about that next time you snark on someone YOU DON”t KNOW on the internet.
  18. Maybe do some research on kennel cough before panicking? Kennel cough is basically the canine version of a cold in humans and according to vaccine and immunity researcher Dr. Ronald Schultz it isn't even a vaccine preventable disease. The best the vaccine can do is possibly reduce the severity of the already self limiting disease, not prevent it.
  19. Background information. So my dogs vet office which I’m now firmly switching as this situation was the final straw we’ve been having problems with them ever since they were recently bought by a new company. Long story short their computer system got screwed up with all the changes and the vaccine reminders didn’t go out leaving my dog vulnerable to eventually contract Kennel Cough. This is where the complicated situation arises I have a puppy on the way in the next month I’m at a loss of what to do as obviously I don’t want the pup to get kennel cough. Any one have any suggestions?
  20. Great news! I'm so happy to know she's now on the road to recovery.
  21. Sugar is home. She is sore and tired, but it's all done now, and she will be her old self again. Once more, thanks to every for helping. It was amazing.
  22. Sugarfoot had her surgery today, and it went well. She comes home tomorrow morning. Big thanks to all here who contributed!
  23. If you haven't had a full tick panel done on him I would highly recommend one! Once you have those results it may change your game plan. Have you pulled any ticks off him in the past year?
  24. Hello D'Elle, Hooper2, MyRuna, Flora&Molly, HerePupPup, Ruth and Gibbs and ShellyF Thank-you all for the dialogue and links - it is interesting and very informative. I will definitely learn a lot from them. I have also looked online to buy a crate (D'Elle). I will need to have Quinn neutered at some point so it does make sense to prepare him for a period of time in a crate at the vet. My last dog was a collie/retriever cross and she was never crate trained and needed oral surgery after she broke her tooth on a stick - my dog Keona barely made a noise but I remember getting a phone call from the country vets whose house was up the road from the clinic saying, "can you please come get your dag - she is awake and is keeping all the other dogs awake."...lol.. its not really funny because she clearly didnt like the crate and the dogs and vet clearly thought she was disruptive...but it was so out of character for her. When I got there - she was mellow and eager to leave and quiet. That was the only time she was in a crate other than being spade - she didnt have a problem with the crate at 6 months... I think it will be interesting training him to use a crate as he is such an active dog... I have learned since I posted this that when I take him out twice a day for 2 hours each (its for rigorous running with several dogs playing chase, swimming, etc) he wakes me up early (approx 5:30 - 6 am raring to go).. Im okay with that most mornings however I would like to sleep in on week-ends. I have noticed that when I skipped the evening run, due to huge rain storm (he would have been okay out in it - me, not so much) he slept until 8 am. I tried this again just to see what would happen and the same thing happened - 7:30/8 am. It is a weird thing Herepuppup - my dog also has a sock fascination. She tries to pull them off my feet when I am putting them on. Same thing... a sock radar! Thanks ShellyF for the sheep dog command. I have written them down and will try them with him. Ruth and Gibbs - I taught Quinn to roll over also and I can tell he doesnt like it and I havent quite figured out the need for him doing it yet so stopped asking him. Thank you for the links - have checked them out (hence why it has taken me so long to reply) I agree with you Flora and Molly - an ecollar seems like a gadget to me but I cant really comment as I havent really found a need for one. I saw someone at the park who had a remote control for their dog - it shocks, beeps for it (like a pager - for it to go to his owner and vibrates.) I dont like the shock part and cant imagine having to carry a remote control with me everywhere....what if it gets broken or lost....then what do they fall back on..? I think technology has gone a little too far sometimes. Thak-you for the suggestion, I wrote them down also. Thank-you MyRuna, I downloaded the pdf. It looks really cool... and training Quinn has been so much fun (and admittingly, a little exhausting at times) Thank-you Hooper, funny I was telling my father about scent training and he suggested I train Quinn to sniff out money at the beach...lol I have also done a little research about that and it looks really interesting. They have something in my city called "funzone" large dog swimming pool, ball pit and a barn to teach scent training. I found that researching. I prefer a beach with Quinn and hes overwhlelmed with one ball let alone a pit...maybe one day, but I will look into the barn piece. Thank-you again everyone. This forum is great and everyone is so helpful and have a lot of great idea. Border collies sure are awesome
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